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Why Expensive Websites Are Losing The Race

It's Not About Cost...

Cost Does Not Make A Website Succeed

Don't Waste Money Where You Don't Need To

  1. Websites Provide Information - But what information costs $8,000 to $20,000? And is it worth it? Sales sites can be thrown together on cheap templates like Weebly and Shopify all day long, eliminating the middle man and allowing the owner to produce sales without much issue. But basic sites that give a potential or existing clients information are just that. Be wary of snake oil salesmen trying to justify an expensive building platform that should have been put to rest years ago.
  2. Google My Business is Queen, and Adwords is KING. - Think you can get people to stumble across your site that sits at number 2 on Google for a generic search? Think Again! Your site, after Google has had it's way, sits down at number 7 to 8, WAY past the point that any average user will scroll to. Advertising takes the first 3 to 4 slots, then Google My Business, then finally organic search results. STOP thinking being number 1 or 2 in search is the way to a never ending stream of calls. SEO is overrated for your client search. Get in GMB, throw a few dollars at Adwords and let your website answer any quick questions the client has afterhours.
  3. Be Social - No business owner has time to post and watch responses on social media all day. But, being on every media platform you can WILL BRING BUSINESS. Share with scheduled posts, make sure ALL your information online is accurate and be ready to hand over the reigns to a Social Media Company if you can't keep up. Be Pro-Active, Not Re-Active. Your greatest leaps come with being able to embrace the media outlets that everyone is excited about, and keeping your head in the sand will only make the next 20 years even harder.
  4. In Closure - GET AN AFFORDABLE WEBSITE, GET ON GOOGLE MY BUSINESS AND GET ON FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM (or whatever social media bandwagon is most conducive to your business).
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