Windows 10 1803 Update: What Now?

Thousands of computers failing to complete the new April 1803 Windows 10 Update are now suffering from destroyed user profiles

We have a solution and preventative measures

What happened? And What can you do?

Little is being said by Microsoft regarding the update, and across the board the failed installation seems to leave users with a toolbar and recycle bin, sometimes with error messages regarding failure to access files and programs.

Windows restore points are destroyed, along with Reset functionality to recover the OS.

In order to regain a working system, we are recovering the User Data (Pictures, Documents, Music and videos) to external media, then restoring the Windows 10 installation from disk and reinstalling the personal files. THE DATA IS NOT LOST IN NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.


IF YOU HAVE NOT UPDATED YET: REMOVE AVG OR AVAST ANTIVIRUS. Both programs are appearing to conflict with the newest update in many computers. AVG has been marked as Malware by many programs, and should be removed anyway. Once your update is done, reinstall Avast or your chosen AV.

Once again, your data is not entirely gone. Your programs and settings will need to be reinstalled, but all is not lost!

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