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High Speed Modems Routers in stock at our Redmond location.
Affordable. Fast. Performance.
(541) 526-5490

Slow Internet?
Let us help fix that for you!

How do I make my Internet faster?
Arrange for faster service through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Then call us.

Get the most out of your Internet speeds! Install a new Router, Network Switch or Modem from Simplify Simple.
If you are tired of slow, lifeless Internet we have the answer. New Routers and Modems are affordable and fast to install. We use the fastest available hardware to get you the best value for your dollar. We can make your Internet up to 5 times faster depending on your paid services.

At Redmond Fred Meyer Next to T-Mobile
944 SW Veterans Way STE 103
Redmond OR


Email: info@simplifysimple.com
Phone: (541) 526-5490                   


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About Us 

With over 12 years of networking and business server experience, we are locally owned and proud to be Central Oregon residents.